Build A Raspberry Pi-Powered, Alexa-Infused Alarm Clock


Your phone is probably the smartest alarm clock you’ve ever owned, but if you’re looking for a project that’s a little more playful, Nick Triantafillou shares a smart alarm clock on that integrates Alexa, If This Then That, and more.

The way the system is set up, the Alexa voice control service is installed on a Raspberry Pi, which communicates with other services over the web automation tool If This Then That to trigger a news summary and starts boiling some water for morning tea.

Obviously, you'll likely want to customise this to suit your needs, but the foundation is here to do all sorts of fun things. Head over to for the full guide.

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  • Ooooh. I really wanna make this, but add an option to automatically play a Spotify playlist on my phone or a speaker or sth. I know IFTTT has Spotify support, but I don’t think it can start playback…

    • Hey Rensa, I’m the guy who made this project. Alexa has built-in support for Spotify if you have Spotify premium, so it wouldn’t be difficult to get it to do this. The hardest part is waiting for Amazon to approve your device to be able to listen to music through the Alexa Voice Service. I submitted my request about 3 weeks ago and it’s still “pending” :/

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