BP Is Launching A Mobile Refueling App In Australia

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BPMe is a mobile payment app that allows customers to pay for petrol from inside their vehicles. In other words, you no longer have to trudge into the store and avoid all those overpriced snacks during fuel stops. Hurrah!

BP has announced a new mobile-payment system that will allow drivers to settle their petrol bill at the bowser. The system, which was developed by New Zealand company PaperKite, will initially be offered to select BP Plus card customers for use at 340+ BP sites across Australia. An official launch will follow in September.

In addition to paying for fuel on your phone, the BPMe app can also be used to track your odometer, store electronic fuel receipts and locate the closest BP service station to your location via your phone's GPS.

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“We recognise the importance of mobile and card-less payments to this customer base and we understand the need for faster transaction times and easier payment processes," BP's sales and marketing VP Brooke Miller said in a statement.

“Ultimately, we’re giving time back to our customers by delivering a faster way to refuel.”

The app will be available on both iOS and Android devices and will be free to download. BP is spruiking its app as the first of its kind in Australia, although we imagine Australia's other big fuel suppliers won't be too far behind with app of their own.

Here's a video of the app in action:


    This is very interesting. I'm assuming a small take up, unless inducements are offered (e.g 2% off your petrol).

    Also, how does the attendant know it's not a drive away. And what if the payment doesn't go through - or the customer thinks it has gone through but it hasn't?

      Predicting a large takeup in the tech savvy parents category - society still frowns on leaving the baby in the car while I pay...

    I use Caltex (had to look it up, I think of it as Woolworth's petrol). Get a good discount.
    Grocery receipt - 6c per litre off
    Spend $5 in store (milk is same price as store) - extra 4c per litre off
    Use WW gift cards bought for 95% of value from RACT - 5% off total bill.

    Remember the massive environmental damage this company caused a few years back. I'll happily drive a few extra blocks to avoid giving BP any of my money.

    So it's ok to use your mobile phone (or other electronic devices) while at the bowser now, is it?

    Worth noting this is for BP+ customers only. Presumably it's tied to an existing account and payments via the app are added to the monthly debit.

    For those without an ABN, they'll either have to set-up a similar accounting process. Or link it to one of the various Pay apps.

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