August’s Money Challenge: Save Your Spare Change

August’s Money Challenge: Save Your Spare Change
Overflowing jar of Australian coins, isolated on white.

This year, we’ve challenged you to haggle your bills, tame impulsive spending and even save for retirement. Many of you have saved hundreds, and some of you have saved thousands. This month, we’re taking it back to the basics with an old school challenge that everyone can easily join: Keep the change.

It’s a simple challenge, and an easy one to implement. You can, of course, pay with cash and quite literally keep the change when you buy stuff. Most of us pay with cards, though, so if you want to avoid doing maths, you can sign up for a tool like Acorns that will automatically save and invest your spare change.

Obviously, you don’t have to use a tool to take the challenge. They make it easier, but the idea is to simply save your spare change, then use it toward your financial goals: Pay off debt, save for an emergency or save for any other goal you might have.

Are you in? If so, let us know, and tell us how you plan to round up and save!


  • have done this before.
    when i used to use cash a lot more i would always save my $2 coins.
    and put them in a milo tin (bigger one) after about 1.5 years to 2 years, i cashed it all in = $1300 woot!

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