Ask LH: Why Can’t I Buy Alcohol If I’m Almost 18?

Dear Lifehacker, I would like to know how I can make a fake ID or get some alcohol when I’m two months from being 18. It seems dumb not to let me drink now. I’m going to be the exact same person in two months so what difference does it make? Alternatively, how can I buy alcohol without getting checked? My cousin who is 16 has successfully bought drinks from a store in the Sunshine Coast but she won’t tell me how she did it. Cheers, Kaeylah

Dear Kaeylah,

So you’re asking us for advice on how to break the law? While Evil Week has contained some pretty dubious hacks, we’re not in the habit of providing tips that are are flat-out illegal. Sorry.

You do kind of have a point though. The legal drinking age gets a bit silly when you’re almost 18 — it’s not like you’ll suddenly be a wiser or more responsible “adult” in two months’ time. With that said, the law needs to draw the line somewhere.

If they changed the legal drinking age to 17 and ten months, people a few months’ shy of that age would feel the same way you do now. And so on and so forth. For better or worse, Australia has decided 18 is the legal drinking age and that’s what we need to stick to.

As to buying alcohol without being asked for ID, we don’t fancy your chances. Liquor stores are supposed to verify the age of any customer who looks younger than 30. Your cousin was either fibbing or was served by a grossly negligent employee.

Our advice is to wait two months. Either that, or rely on your older buddies like all underage drinkers do. We’re also obliged to tell you to drink responsibly. (Yeah, like that’s going to happen.)


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