Amazon Vehicles Is A Massive Database For Researching And Comparing Cars

Amazon has launched a new car researching tool, Amazon Vehicles. Here, you can search for cars from a variety of years using an array of search parameters. Since you obviously can't go and order a car through Amazon, the main purpose of Amazon Vehicles seems to be comparison shopping. Like any Amazon product, anyone can write a review and each car has a Q&A section, which could prove useful if you're curious about something specific, especially with older cars. You can search for cars using a variety of parameters, including body type, year, MPG and features, which makes this a pretty comprehensive starting point when you're researching cars. Once you do land on a car, you can compare trims, engine types and other features.

Amazon Vehicles


    Not really much use to us Aussies. Even though same models appear in international markets, rarely do the trim levels match up with those offered in the Australian market.

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