Alert: Virgin Mobile Is Giving Customers Access To Other People’s Voicemails

Alert: Virgin Mobile Is Giving Customers Access To Other People’s Voicemails

Virgin Mobile’s voicemail service is having a bit of a meltdown right now. Customers are reporting that they are unable to access their own voicemail inbox and, instead, gets transferred to somebody else’s voice messages. I’m a Virgin customer as well and I’m experiencing this first hand. Here’s what we know so far.

Earlier today, CNET reported that Virgin customers that dial in to retrieve their voicemail messages are either being redirected to strangers’ personalised “please leave a message” voice notes or are unable to do so.

I’m a Virgin Mobile customer myself and can confirm this voicemail issue is legitimate. When I dialed 212 to retrieve my voicemail messages, I was greeted by random people’s voice notes asking me to leave a message. Sometimes, I would get an automated message that would end my voicemail retrieval call.

Now when I dial 212, I’m getting an “Optus advises that the number you have dialled has been disconnected” message. I can only assume Virgin Mobile has shut down the voicemail service entirely.

CNET had reported that customers were also able to hearing messages left on strangers’ voicemail inboxes. So far, I have not experienced that issue but if that is indeed the case, it is a huge invasion of privacy and a compete breach of security.
Virgin Mobile is trying to resolve the problem. Lifehacker Australia reached out to the telco for a statement and received one that was already issued on its social media accounts:

Update – 16/8/16 3:50pm: Virgin Mobile has since provided us with an additional statement regarding the voicemail problem:

“The issue with our voicemail service experienced by some customers earlier today is now resolved. When we became aware of the issue, we deactivated our voicemail service whilst our team investigated and reactivated this when we were confident the issue was resolved. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused. Any customers still experiencing difficulties may need to turn their phone off and on again.”


  • I haven’t had this issue, but it wouldn’t surprise me if their customer service has fallen off a cliff this week. I usually have great experiences with them, but this week I tried to upgrade to a new phone + contract early, and the whole thing was a trainwreck.

    I went into what is now the only store in the ACT (after they closed all of the others), where they quoted me a payout figure for an upgrade but directed me to place the order online because their Internet had been out for over a week. So I put the order in and never heard back. When I called them a few days later to followup, the payout figure had trebled. After juggling the store on the phone with the site’s live chat, we decided that the store had basically misquoted me. Virgin refused to honour it, though, so I had to cancel the order. Not sure I’ll be going back after that :/

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