Would You Buy A Meat Pie From McDonald's?

McDonald's Australia is diving into the meat pie business. For a limited time, the fast food franchise will sell beef and curried beef pies in outlets across the ACT. If the trial is successful, the proffered pastries could end up on menus around the country. Which begs the question: who goes to McDonald's for a meat pie?

Image: Garlo's Pies

In a bid to entice chilly patrons during winter, McDonald's has added Garlo's meat pies to 20 stores in Canberra as well as Sutton Forest and Cooma in NSW. The Garlo's brand, which has been a fixture in Coles supermarkets for years, will come in their original packaging.

According to a report in the Canberra Times, the partnership came about via random coincidence: Garlo's owner happened to be seated next to a McDonald's executive during a business flight in 2014. The two got to talking about their respective brands and the possibility of selling Garlo's at McDonald's outlets in Australia was raised. Two years later, a deal has finally been struck.

This isn't the first time a fast food giant has dabbled with pies in Australia: a couple of years ago, KFC launched a range of chicken pies featuring Zinger breast pieces, Original Recipe Chicken, potato and gravy.

It will be interesting to see how strong Garlo's sales are at McDonald's. On the one hand, it's currently perfect pie weather in the ACT with temperatures regularly dropping well below 10 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, few people walk into to a McDonald's with a hankering for a meat pie — will its presence on the menu sway their choice?

If you're keen to replicate the experience outside of Canberra, it's not too hard: simply buy a Garlo's beef pie from the supermarket and grab a fries from a McDonald's drive-thru on the way home. Sounds like a decent combination to us.

[Via Canberra Times]


    Should have gone with Georgie Pie pies instead of Garlo's pies. LIke what they did in NZ - https://mcdonalds.co.nz/menu/georgie-pie-steak-mince-n-cheese-pie

    Is sauce extra, or free?

    Seriously - went to KFC in Thailand and sauce is a big deal. Grab a little plate, fill with chilli sauce from a pump-action dispenser.
    Makes me hang my head in shame when I think of all the places here, charging extra for a pre-packaged, token squirt of tomato sauce.

    I don't buy burgers from Macca's, so I can't imagine buying pies from them. That being said, coming from WA, I have never heard of Garlo's, so I wouldn't know if they were any good anyway.

    Called into local McDonald's (Fyshwick)yesterday at 12:30 pm (lunch time) and they only had 1 left. NOT HAPPY !!

    Garlo's Chunky Steak does not taste like steak (kidney?), a lot of runny gravy and the sloppiest bottom, meaning you need to eat it out of the foil with a spoon. McDonald's Oz wants to sell these?

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