Which Australian State Has The Highest Rated Coffee? [Infographic]

Which Australian State Has The Highest Rated Coffee? [Infographic]

Melbournians reckon they live in the coffee capital of the world. Mind you, it’s so bloody cold over there that any hot beverage instantly tastes delicious. Comparethemarket recently compared the online reviews of cafes around Australia to find out which state has the most satisfied customers. Surprise, surprise, Melbourne didn’t even crack the top three.

Comparethemarket based its findings on TripAdvisor reviews for coffee stores in each state and territory’s capital city. Interestingly, Hobart took out the number one spot, with an average rating of 4.29 out of five. More than half of Tassie reviewers rated their cafe five stars. Next up were Adelaide and Brisbane, followed by Melbourne at fourth place. Either Melbourne’s coffee isn’t all it’s cracked up to be or its residents are more discerning connoisseurs.

[Via CompareTheMarket]


  • Oh C’mon now, this is just silly. They aren’t comparing the coffee, they’re comparing the experience. I have a liking for medium roast and I use a filter machine with freshly ground coffee every morning. If I go to a coffee shop that uses a more thoroughly roasted bean, I still drink and enjoy, but it’s not as good as mine. If the shop uses a more medium roast I like it more, they could also use Coffee Arabica or Coffee Robusta. My point being, there are dozens of factors that make coffee taste good or bad, but the coffee is just a factor in the experience, not the whole enchilada.

    • Amen!
      I still reckon my percolator brew is the best in the world but its exclusive to me and me alone.

    • I never said “best tasting”. But it’s a fair cop. I’ve updated the headline to “highest rated”.

      • Good on you Chris.
        I respect your response.
        As a South Australian, let me say that our 3 coffee shops are exceptional; better than Tasmania’s 2 coffee shops. That small number gives both states an advantage over the other bigger states, except NT. NT has no excuse 😉

  • I’d just like to make a point about the broad inaccuracy of your title…. and the statistical conclusions you’re drawing.

    There’s nothing in this data to say any of these places has the best coffee comparatively.

    You’re really only presenting a measure of the general satisfaction level of the (indeterminate percentage of the) local population (who do online reviews) with the standard of their local cafe’s.
    And on top of that, there’s the metric of quantity of cafe’s, not that that’s presented as relating to quality or rating in any way… and a couple of catchphrases thrown in from a random assortment of articles.

    Comparartively, there’s plenty of americans living in america who believe their local watery pot coffee is the best, but I certainly wouldn’t be comparing that to an australian espresso….

    I know I’m sounding very negative and basically trolling, but promoting this kind of bad analysis of statistics with unrelated broad conclusions further trains people to believe all kinds of other fake statistics where numbers are thrown around as facts to pretend science and mathematics are being used when in fact it’s pure marketing.

    • but the data is single origin “Trip Advisor April 2016” – it must be good!

    • Hobart has a staggeringly high number of coffee shops, fwiw. I don’t know how they all stay in business.

      • It’s all the public servants that work in Hobart CBD. Our tax dollars hard at work.

  • Why are Gold Coast and Newcastle on there? Might as well throw Geelong on there too.

    • Because GC and Newy have bigger populations than Hobart + Darwin and 2-3 times more than Geelong. They are the 2 biggest non-capital cities in Oz.

  • BS, I have been all over Australia and Victoria produces by far the best coffee experience. I’d put Victoria top three on the planet!

  • Any excuse to Melbourne bash…..seriously….
    What a waste of an article…..

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