Where Do Australia's Political Parties Stand On Privacy And Encryption? [Infographic]

On 8 July the nation finally gets to cast its vote in the 2016 federal election. By now you probably have a pretty good idea where each party stands on key election issues — but one area you may have overlooked is privacy and encryption. If you work in IT, this could have serious ramifications for you industry. This infographic from lobby group Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) reveals where each major party stands on surveillance, encryption, copyright issues and censorship.

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Over the past few years there has been mounting concerns about the surveillance policies of western governments and how this affects digital privacy and data encryption among businesses and civilians. According to the EFA, any revised law that undermines encryption in favour of "national security" is a violation of freedom. Ironically, it could also pose new threats to national security as criminals exploit the digital "backdoors" that many governments are insisting upon.

The following infographic highlights where Australia's major parties stand on this important issue based on what we've said on the record about encryption, surveillance and censorship as well as copyright reform and enforcement. You can find more information over at the EFA's website (click here). For more voting advice (and sausage sizzle tips), check out our Election 2016 Survival Guide.

[Via EFA]


    The nation will vote on the 2nd July.

      Yeah, how can we trust anything in this article when they didn't even confirm the date was the right one? only thing that will be happening on the 8th is we'll know a few more of the promises the new government can't keep after all.

    What does that chart even mean.

      The ? mean F__k Knows what their stance is (AKA no SSID transmitted)
      The lower the signal strength the less they cover/care about it.

      It's a bad example of how to share information but a good example of how previous generations knew how to share data in a useful form. What the hell Wifi Strength has with political stances on security is beyond far fetched.

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