Last Week’s Top Downloads

Last Week’s Top Downloads

Every week, we share a number of downloads for all platforms to help you get things done. Here were the top downloads from last week.

What Is Pokémon Go and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

Last Week’s Top Downloads

First, my friend caught a Charmander at a supermarket. Then the flood started: Digletts on a steering wheel. Rhyhorn at the bar. Magikarp on a frying pan. They’re all Pokémon to catch, part of a new game called Pokémon Go. You’ve probably heard of it — but what is it, and why is everyone obsessed with it?

How to Block Everyone’s Pokémon Go Posts

Last Week’s Top Downloads

I love Pokémon Go, but I can understand why all the news about it might be a little overwhelming if it’s not your cup of tea. Here’s a couple tools that will pull your head above water if you’re drowning under the poké-wave.

You Can Now Jailbreak Just About Any Kindle

Last Week’s Top Downloads

Jailbreaking a Kindle comes with a variety of benefits, including installing custom screensavers and software, but most recently the availability of the jailbreak has been restricted to a small handful of firmware. Now, its seeing a much wider release.

How to Build a Raspberry Pi Retro Game Console for $US35 ($46)

Since its release, the $US35 ($46) Raspberry Pi mini-computer has been hailed as the perfect all-in-one retro game console. Now, it’s easier to do than ever, and it doesn’t take any Linux knowledge whatsoever. Here’s how to make your own retro game console in under 10 minutes.

New Google Keyboard With Theme Picker Finally Hits the Play Store

Last Week’s Top Downloads

Android: A couple months ago, Google released a new version of its keyboard that let you pick your own colour scheme or background photo. Now, that version is finally hitting the Play Store.

The Pier’s End Desktop

When Sebastian submitted his desktop, we were ready to share it as-is, but then he linked to the project at Behance, which included this lovely video of the whole thing in action. It’s a beautifully custom take on a system UI, and he’s included many of the components so you can make it yourself. Here’s how.

Moment, the iPhone App That Tracks Your Usage, Now Displays How Much Time You’re In Apps

Last Week’s Top Downloads

iOS: We were fans of Moment when it launched a couple years ago, but one problem with the app was how it could only track general iPhone usage. Now, you can really zoom in on your usage with a new app tracker.

Snorelax Alarm Wakes You Earlier If Traffic Is Backed Up

iOS: If you’ve ever turned off your alarm in the morning only to learn later there’s a traffic jam or congestion that will make you late for work even though you got up in good time, Snorelax can help. The app uses current and historical traffic data to wake you up early enough to compensate for any travel delays.

Better Notes for iPhone Organizes Your Notes with Hashtags

Last Week’s Top Downloads

iPhone: There are countless notes apps available for your iPhone, but Better Notes has a neat little gimmick that makes it worth a look. Instead of dealing with tags or folders for organisation, it allows you to make Twitter-like hashtags that are easy to search through.

Camera+ for iPad Overhauls Its Design, Improves Editing Tools

Last Week’s Top Downloads

iPad: Camera+ on the iPad isn’t nearly as necessary as its iPhone counterpart, but improvements to the app today might change that. Namely, aside from a much needed interface update, the app is now a seriously improved editing tool.

Storm It Lets You Publish Long Messages to Twitter as ‘Tweetstorms’

Last Week’s Top Downloads

Android: In Twitter parlance, a “tweetstorm” is a string of multiple tweets intended to be read as one long message. It’s essentially a way to circumvent Twitter’s signature character limit, and Storm It helps you automate the process when you just have a lot to say.

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