Last Week's Top Downloads

Every week, we share a number of downloads for all platforms to help you get things done. Here were the top downloads from last week.

iOS 10 and macOS Sierra Public Betas Are Available Now

This Week's Top Downloads

Last month, Apple dished out the details on iOS 10 and the newly rebranded macOS Sierra. Today, they're both available as public betas that you can download right now.

The Best Twitter Client for Windows

This Week's Top Downloads

The field of Twitter clients for Windows has been culled over the years, but there are still a few developers working hard on some killer apps. Aeries has stuck out with us as an impressive Twitter client capable of keeping up with professional needs with a Universal Windows app.

The Hulking Robot Desktop

This Week's Top Downloads

Giacomo's Windows 10 desktop doesn't have a ton of skins or moving parts, but combined with that wallpaper it's pretty dramatic. Here's how he set it all up, and how you can too.

Live Desktop Adds Animated Themes to Your Mac's Desktop

Mac: If you're bored of that useless, still image for your desktop wallpaper, Live Desktop is a Mac app that gives you a selection of animated themes to choose from.

Google Fit Update Brings Weekly Goals and Better Visuals

This Week's Top Downloads

Google Fit continues its progress from its humble step-counter beginnings with a major update. It now shows you much more detail about your workouts, and presents the data it gathers in a more useful way.

Bobby Helps You Manage All of Your Online Subscription Services

iOS: How many services do you have a subscription with? Can you even remember all of them? Bobby helps you keep track of all of the online services where you have a recurring monthly payment.

Paws Is a Mac App for Trello With Native Notifications

This Week's Top Downloads

Mac: Trello is one of our favourite organisation tools, but one potential downside is the lack of a native desktop client. Paws jams Trello in a desktop app for Mac, complete with notifications and a handful of keyboard shortcuts.

Flamyngo Simplifies Getting Travel Tips From Friends

This Week's Top Downloads

iPhone: If you're heading out on vacation to somewhere your friends or family have already gone, it's natural to ask for any suggestions they might have for places to go. This usually results in a mess of texts and emails from various people. Flamyngo is an app that makes it a little easier.

Pomodoro Time Is a Super Simple Timer That Lives in the Menu Bar

This Week's Top Downloads

Mac: There are plenty of Pomodoro timers to choose from but I like apps that disappear when you don't need them — and are a single click away when you do. With that in mind, Pomodoro Time lets you time your tasks and manage your to-do list right in your menu bar.


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