How To Make 13 Iconic Fast Foods At Home [Infographic]

This Graphic Shows You How to Make 13 Popular Fast Foods at Home

Fast food isn't great for you, but it sure does taste good. This infographic has recipes for thirteen popular fast foods so you can split the difference and make the tasty goods at home.

The graphic below, from UK-based appliance manufacturer CDA, features recipes approximating McDonald's fries, KFC chicken (I guess the secret's out), Jack Daniels's sauce, Five Guys cajun fries, Chipotle burritos and more. You can check out the recipes in the graphic below or head to CDA's website to read them in text form.

This Graphic Shows You How to Make 13 Popular Fast Foods at Home

[Via CDA]


    ahem, theres only 10 ingredients in that KFC recipe, and you forgot the sodium acid pyrophosphate for the macdonalds fries

    Last edited 13/07/16 3:55 pm

      Disodium pyrophosphate is only used in McDonalds fries to keep them white, it doesn't contribute anything to the flavour. Side note, it's also used in tons of bread and dough products, since it's just a leavening agent.

    Note that in AU mcdonalds don't use this recipe for their fries:

    In fact they are in most cases the same McCain shoestring fries you can buy at coles fried off in canola/sunflower oil.

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