The Most Accurate Measuring Cups You Can Buy For Flawless Baking

The Most Accurate Measuring Cups You Can Buy for Flawless Baking

Baking is basically edible chemistry, which makes precise measuring super important. To make sure you're armed with the most accurate measuring cups around, Cook's Illustrated tested a whole bunch to find the best.

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To determine accuracy, the cups were filled with sugar (dipping the cup into the bag and then levelling with a knife), weighed, and — using the value of how much that volume of sugar should weigh — evaluated for accuracy using the power of maths. This test was then repeated with water. Some of the cups were off by quite a bit (as much a 6%) but the winner from OXO was spot on.

In addition to accuracy, the cups were also tested for durability, stability, and ease of storage, and the OXO cups excelled in each category. You can click the link below to read the entire process, or you can just buy the winning cups and get to baking.

Testing Dry Measuring Cups [Cook's Illustrated]


    Or, stop measuring compressible dry ingredients by volume, and use weight instead!

    No, come on, baking doesn't require precise stoichiometry of the ingredients. Rough ratios of ingredients, or substitute ingredients, will be fine. Anyway, if you're measuring everything by volume, and your volumes are all 6% out, who cares? You'll just get 6% more, or less, baked goods
    "Adjust to taste", and "it needs more salt!" seem to be par for the course in many recipes, or on Masterchef.

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