The Essential Glassware You Need For Your Home Bar

The Essential Glassware You Need For Your Home Bar

Different types of cocktails require different types of glassware to be served in. And if you’re setting up your own home bar for hosting parties, you should at least have the basics.

In this video from the Cocktail Chemistry YouTube channel, you’ll learn about the different types of cocktail glass that belong in a basic home bar setup. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Old-fashioned glass (AKA rocks glass or tumbler): Good for low-ball cocktails typically served on the rocks, or for liquors served neat.
  • Couple glass (or cocktail glass): Best for mixed cocktails served “up”, or without ice.
  • Collins glass: Best for cocktails that are topped with soft drink, like a Tom Collins.
  • Martini glass: Also used for cocktails served without ice, especially martinis.
  • Nick and Nora glass: Serves the same purpose as a martini glass, but it’s curved shape makes spills less likely.
  • Champagne flute: Whether you want a champagne cocktail, or just the sparkling wine, a flute glass is the best way to serve it.
  • Copper mug: These are the iconic glass of the Moscow Mule, and they add a bit of flair to any similar cocktail.

Beyond those, throw in a couple decent wine glasses, and you’ll be set for any kind of soiree you have at your abode. Could you serve almost any cocktail in any type of cup? Sure, but it’s not ideal for some of the more aromatic cocktails, and it’s hard to make a home bar look nice if all you have is disposable cups. Fortunately, you can find a lot of this glassware for cheap. I got mine at the two dollar store. Cheers.

Getting Started – Glassware [YouTube]

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