The Deliveroo App Is Down. No Free Burgers For You! [Updated]

The Deliveroo App Is Down. No Free Burgers For You! [Updated]
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Deliveroo is serving up free burgers today from a variety of burger joints across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane — except the site appears to be down for some users. Is there anything that can be done?

Update #1: Here’s an official response from a Deliveroo rep we spoke to:

“We are thrilled that there has been such a high demand for Free Burger Friday. We acknowledge that some members of the public have had difficulty getting on to the Deliveroo website and app. Don’t worry, this is running smoothly, only slow due to increased traffic on the site.”

Update #2: The promotion has now been cut short, a scant 15 minutes after it began. In an attempt to appease legions of hangry customers, Deliveroo is providing free delivery for the rest of the day. Here’s the update on its website.

We all should have seen this coming. After days of hyping its free burger promotion, Deliveroo has been knocked offline. Both the mobile app and website currently aren’t working for most users, no doubt due to the massive spike in traffic.

Some users are managing to get inside the app, but the free burger promotion appears to be AWOL. You might be able to gain access by switching your data on and off and then relaunching the app. But you better make it fast as the orders are likely to be maxed out in minutes.

Has anyone managed to get their free burger? Let us know how you fare in the comments.


  • Deliveroo reps be commenting like “What do you mean it’s not working? I got my free burger…” #NoSuchThingAsBadPublicity

  • I was able to get on in the first few minutes after 12 noon and tried to place an order with huxtaburger cbd melbourne and they werent free. Was zero charge at the start but when i clicked checkout it amended it to full price. Tried 3 times after and same experience.

    • Yeah, at the top of the Huxtaburger site it showed me a code to put in for it which I did and after a while it finally updated properly. Very clunky, not going to win them any fans!

  • The Burgeroo scam.. the truth is that there was no free burgers given away and it was all marketing hype. yeh the site was not even available at 12:00pm lunch time today and no one has commented with their free burgers. #burgeroo bullshit

  • After refreshing the app & website for 15 mins, I finally got my order in – 3 mins before they sold out. However, it ended up costing me $2.50 , as the promo code didn’t cover the $13.50 burger + the $9 ‘roo charge’. Delivery was estimated at 55 minutes, but 42 minutes later, the app is telling me my burger is still 40 minutes away. I’ll be amazed if the burger doesn’t arrive freezing cold.

  • Work mate ordered and got confirmation. Only to get a text 20 minutes later saying they can’t fulfil it.

  • I was on Deliveroo website and clicking the promo code update button and it never worked from 11:45 through to 12:05.

    The guy next to me at work received a notice on Deliveroo from Down N Out burger saying all the free burgers were sold out … except the notice went up at 11:58am; 2 minutes before the promotion even began.

    So yes, a scam.

    I would encourage anyone else who feels scammed to lodge a formal complaint with your local consumer watchdog. It’s on us not to let businesses get away with this type of behaviour.

  • Can confirm received my order just then. Only ordered at 12:20 to receive it at 2:30. Know for a fact it wasn’t a result of the actual burger place itself, the delivery guy looked like he was about to die. Bad planning on Deliveroo’s part.

  • Some of the burger places were “sold out” before the promotion started. Certainly suspicious – just a scam to get people to install their application and get some viral marketing, which obviously worked wonderfully.

  • I got it via the web-site, but coz my Pay Pal acct was linked, after showing it as free, my payPal acct was charged; had to get back on their live chat & the said theyve processed a refund which will take 3 days! Fingers’ crossed….Bloody good Promo, Disastrous execution..Marketing getting ahead of Operations?!!

  • So, it’s probably worth asking the question now…
    Was Gizmodo/Lifehacker paid to participate in this “promotion” *read scam*

    • No. All advertorials and sponsored posts are clearly labelled as such on Allure Media websites. The Deliveroo offer looked like a good deal so we reported on it. Not being psychic, we didn’t foresee the apparent server issues that stopped many people from ordering.

      • Thanks for the prompt reply Chris.
        Not sure if server issues can explain an item being sold out 2 minutes before it went on sale though.

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