Secure Garbage Bags In The Bin With Binder Clips

We all know what it's like to toss rubbish into the bin and have the bag slip down, forcing us to reach into the garbage to fix it. Make that gross reach a thing of the past with a few binder clips to keep the bag anchored in place. This is a simple, yet annoying, issue especially if your rubbish bin doesn't fit a standard bag, or if you have a tendency to delay taking out the rubbish long enough that the bag slips off the rim. Take four binder clips and secure the garbage bag in evenly spaced increments. Be careful when placing the binder clips since you don't want them to rip the bag, although if they do, it will be in the portion you typically use to tie the bag.

Best of all, you can use this tip to secure just about any bag and bin combo. For example, I use it on my countertop compost bin since the bag tends to slip into the bin as it gets fuller. If all you have is a smaller bag and a larger bin, you can use this to keep the bag in place as well.

No Mess Trash Cans with Binder Clips [Colour Me Domestic]


    Of course you could always force the bag insert to all corners of the bin, to eliminate the trapped air. Nothing gross here - your hands are touching the inside of a brand new bin liner. I've never had a problem doing this, ever.


    Just tie a knot in the plastic bag so it becomes fitted around the bin lid when you put a new bin liner in.

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