Season Eggs Before Cooking For A More Tender, Fluffy Scramble

Scrambled eggs can either be fluffy and fantastic or sad and rubbery. To make sure they stay on the tender side of things, Cook's Illustrated recommends whisking in salt before the eggs even touch the pan. Photo by Karen.

When added to raw eggs, salt actually helps to break up the egg proteins, preventing them from bonding tightly and resulting in super tender curds. Just sprinkle in a pinch, mix to incorporate and scramble as usual. For extra credit, get them super fluffy with the help of your trusty immersion blender.

How to Cook Eggs Better: 12 Tips to Try Today [Cook's Illustrated]


    You do realise the link to the immersion blender article links to an article where Gordon Ramsay specifically advised not to add salt first?

    little bit of conflicting advice here...

      Gordon Ramsey is wrong about the salt.

      "But Gordon Ramsey is a top chef and you're a nobody!"

      Yep, but he's still wrong.

        I'm referring more to the fact we have two articles with links to one another that gives conflicting advice

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