Passport Map Shows You All The Countries You Can Visit With Or Without A Visa

Depending on the passport you hold, it can be a breeze to visit another country, or it can be a maddening process that takes months of paperwork, clearance, visits to consulates or embassies and the risk of getting denied anyway. Passport Map can help you figure out what you're in for before you plan a trip. Passport Map is a fun enough site in its own right, since you can explore the passports of various countries on the main page, but its real value is in the visa comparison table, where you can select the country you hold a passport with, and see what the entry and visa process is like for virtually every other country on the planet. You can even add multiple passports to the comparison list, so you can see how, for example, your Kiwi friend would fare if you travelled together, or just what it might be like to be a tourist from another country.

If you prefer, click the "compare by destination" tab to see what specific countries put visitors from other nations through if they want to visit. Sadly the site doesn't help you jump off to visa information for those countries, or even to the embassies for the countries that require them, but it's a good starting point for your research if, for example, you're an Australian looking to visit China, or a New Zealander who'd like to visit Ghana, in which both cases a visa is required.

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    Are those green destinations, direct to and from here? How does it work if you have to make a change of flight via a possibly passport required country?

      Good question, I assumed that when in transit, that is within the airport, one did not need a visa. A Transit Visa being a different thing, allows a stay of a few days on a stopover. However, on a recent flight to Europe via Bali I had to buy a visa to get to the luggage carousel to retrieve my bag to put it on the next flight (with a different airline).

        "... I assumed that when in transit, that is within the airport, one did not need a visa."

        Just be aware that the USA does not recognise the concept of 'transit'. If you're going Sydney -> LAX -> Vancouver for example, they deem you have to enter and then leave the country at LA and hence need a visa (or visa exemption which is just about the same thing).

        A right pain in the baggage.

    The web site doesn't take into account other things that may not be tied to a visa per-se.
    I am travelling to Argentina in 6 weeks and although the website correctly identifies i don't need a visa, i do need to pay a 'reciprocity fee' which needs to be paid BEFORE entry into the country and reciept presented on arrival. Failure to do so and they will send me back to my departing location. so kind of just as important....

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