Negotiate Salary Based On What You Do, Not Who You Are

Negotiate Salary Based on What You Do, Not Who You Are

You've heard the words "your worth" in the context of income, and if you're anything like me, it makes you cringe. It implies there's a price on your value as a person, but the phrase refers to the work you do, not who you are. Writer Libby Kane points out that this is an important distinction when it comes to negotiating.

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Citing a CEO on Quora, Kane points out that your income potential is less about your needs or your employer's budget, it's just about the work you deliver. Also, salary doesn't measure your value as a human being (that's immeasurable) — again, it's only a measure of the work you do. Kane explains what this means for your earnings: time you sit down in a job interview or a salary negotiation, come armed with evidence of your exemplary work, not your exemplary self. Although you're probably delightful, your employer or potential employer doesn't pay you for smiles — they pay for results.

It's a useful perspective if you're intimidated by negotiation, too. Negotiation isn't personal, it's just about adjusting the price tag on your work. As your work becomes more valuable, it should ideally increase in price. For more detail, head to the full post at the link below.

A simple truth most of us don't recognise will make negotiating your salary infinitely easier [Business Insider]


    3 years ago I sat down with a recruiter. One of the questions she asked was: "So what's your current salary?". I answered "I'm seeking jobs that are $x". She kept trying to probe my current salary, while expressing that no-one is going to give me a job without knowing how much I'm on.

    Well, Ms recruiter. I got a job a few months later without telling them how much I was on. And yes - I got the amount I wanted. If I told you my wage, you would simply go $X + ~10%.

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