Make Tasty, Chewy Muesli Bars In The Microwave

Muesli bars (“flapjacks” if you’re British) make a great, chewy, on-the-go breakfast or snack, and these fruit-packed babies can be made in mere minutes using the microwave. To make them, you’ll need 1/2 a cup of butter, five tablespoons of light brown sugar, two tablespoons of golden syrup, 150 grams oatmeal (about 1 2/3 cups) and 50 grams each of golden raisins, candied cherries and dried apricots.

Microwave butter, brown sugar and syrup together for a couple of minutes until melted and stir in remaining ingredients. Press it all into a greased dish, microwave for four minutes and let cool. Once cool, slice into delicious, gooey bars that are perfect for easy snacking, no matter what you call them.

Microwave Flapjacks [Mumsnet]


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