Make A DIY Paracord Belt With Survival Pack Belt Buckle

I'm always a sucker for DIY survival gear and this paracord belt really fits the bill. It even includes a full survival kit turned into the belt's buckle.

Instructables user alanjamesblair has put together a clever survival build. The belt itself looks kind of cool and is strong enough to be used as a strap.

It includes just over 36m of 250kg paracord, so you'll never be without cordage when you need it. The buckle is made from a modified small lolly tin and is filled with clever DIY survival gear. Of course, you could always pack your own collection.

Hit up the post at Instructables for full details on how to make your own.

Ultimate Survivor Paracord Belt with Emergency Pack Buckle (Under $US20) [Instructables]


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