Is Courage The Key To Boosting Productivity?

Working harder and putting in extra hours sounds like the logical path to increasing productivity. But time is finite and we only have a limited pool of energy to expend in a day. Work too hard and you risk wearing yourself out. So how can you be more productive without overworking? Courage may be the answer.

Over at Entrepreneur, author Taylor Pearson said the way we have been approaching productivity is wrong. It’s not all about working harder or smarter; the thing that can make a real difference to productivity is courage.

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But here’s how Pearson explains it: Courage allows us to be more comfortable at taking risks. When it comes to boosting productivity, it’s about having the guts to put all your eggs in one basket. Without the courage to fully commit to one project that we perceive as risky, we end up hedging our bets and spread ourselves too thin, according to Pearson:

“By attempting to do too many things at once, we guarantee none will get the time and energy it needs to succeed. We must realise that committing to many things commits us to failure. Our very search for the sure thing actually sabotages our chances.”

His solution?

“Our choice is clear: Dedicate our attention to one thing and make success more likely, or commit to many things and make success less likely. If we seek to be more productive, we must accept the proper order in which to organise our resources: courage first, then wisdom and finally labour.”

Do you think courage is the key to productivity? Let us know in the comments.

[Via Entrepreneur]

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