How To Find Your Partner’s Secret Crush On Facebook

For all its faults, Facebook remains one of the best ways to stay connected with friends, family and colleagues online. Unfortunately, some people take these “connections” to inappropriate levels. If you suspect your partner has been Facebook-stalking a mutual friend, this simple search command may confirm your worst suspicions…

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Facebook’s Graph Search was designed to help users find old content that they previously shared or interacted with. It can also be used for specific tasks ranging from finding tailored book recommendations to building your professional network. (You can read up on a bunch of clever uses here.)

If you don’t trust your partner’s level of devotion, you can use Facebook Graph Search to keep tabs on their Like activity. To do this, simply type “photos liked by [partner’s Facebook name]” into the search bar. You’ll then see all the photos they’ve liked in chronological order. (It initially only shows a handful but you can see the rest by clicking “See more”.)

Now we’re not saying that Facebook likes are proof of infidelity or even a roving eye. But if the same person keeps popping up in your partner’s like history you have reason to be leery — especially if they appear way more than anybody else. The Facebook like is the thirsty person’s way of testing the waters. It is known.

There’s a pretty significant caveat, however: the engine only shows public posts and photos of mutual friends. If a person has locked-down privacy settings, their images won’t show up in the search results.

With that said, it can still reveal some pretty incriminating things about your partner. If they habitually like your vapid friend’s stuck-up selfies, Facebook Graph Search will show you the evidence. Better start unliking those posts now, creepers.

In related news, I apparently have a thing for live poultry and Ariana Grande as evidenced in the above screenshot. Don’t tell my wife.

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