Happy SysAdmin Day! Time To Place Your Pizza Orders

Happy SysAdmin Day! Time To Place Your Pizza Orders

July 29 is the 17th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. Yes, that’s today. It’s a day to celebrate all the good work that your system administrator and their team has put in all year to keep the tech in your company running smoothly. The best way to say “thank you” is with a generous serving of pizza.

It’s easy to take your system administrator and your IT department for granted, especially when nothing ever goes wrong with your tech at work. But they’re the silent heroes that keeps all the wheels turning behind the scenes.

As we have recommended in previous years, Lifehacker Australia would strongly encourage you to show your appreciation for your system administrator (and maybe your IT team) with pizza! You can even send an email to show your gratitude for their hard work.

If you’re a SysAdmin, make sure you savour the delicious pizza, forget about the on-call phone (ahh, you wish), leave work on time and enjoy your day!

Does your business celebrate SysAdmin Day? Let us know what the company did — if anything — to show its gratitude.


  • Happy sysadmin day! I’ve already placed the pizza lunch order for my team today 😉

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