Google's Dialer App Now Warns You When You're Getting A Call From A Spammer

Android: Google is just as sick of robocalls as you are, it seems. The company has just announced that the built-in phone app on Nexus phones will give you a big red warning when you're getting a call from a spammer. In the new version, if the phone number that's calling you matches a known spammer, the app will display a big red box (instead of the usual blue) with a warning that reads "Suspected spam caller." You can still answer it if you want, but you've been warned. The Phone app is frustratingly only supported on Nexus devices, certain Google Play Edition handsets and Android One phones, but if you're in any one of those categories you can download the new update now.

Phone [Google Play Store via Google+]


    My Samsung S7 Edge seems to already do this?

    So does this work in Australia?

    Are they aware of the Windows Support callers?

    In other news, the Google Dialler app is now sending the details of every phone call you receive to Google.

    Worth noting that this is only available on Nexus or GPE devices.

    Previous versions could be side-loaded on other devices, but there don't seem to be any workarounds (yet) for this one.

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