Give House Guests A Tray As A Catch-All To Keep Them From Misplacing Things

If you have friends or family crashing on your couch, give them a tray to store their small items like their keys, wallet or phone. They will be less likely to lose their stuff in your living room — or any room — with a simple tray as a catch all for loose items. Giving them a dedicated space (even a small one) also makes your guests feel more welcome, especially if you don't have a whole room you can host them in. You don't necessarily have to use a tray, anything that's big enough to put three to six small items on or in will do, like a small bowl or platter — as long as it's pretty enough to not feel like a chore. Most visitors will probably want to use it for their phone, keys, wallet, phone charger, sunglasses or other accessories.

They also make it easy to move your guests' stuff when you need to use the table in your living room without scattering their things all over, or forcing them to scramble and grab everything. Best of all, it gives them one place to check when they get ready to leave, so they don't leave anything behind at the end of their stay.

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