For Perfectly Cooked Sunny-Side Up Eggs, Fry First And Bake To Finish

For Perfectly Cooked Sunny-Side Up Eggs, Fry First And Bake To Finish

The perfect fried egg, with a fully set, opaque white and a rich, runny yolk, may seem elusive, but it’s actually not that difficult to achieve. You just need a little help from your oven. Photo by Julian Burgess.

To take your morning egg to this perfectly-cooked place, just follow this easy tip from brunch queen Jessica Koslow: Fry until the white just begins to set (AKA “turn white”) and pop the whole thing into an oven set to 175C for about a minute, until the whites are cooked through. Slide your masterpiece out of the pan and onto toast, rice bowls, burgers or anything else that a perfectly cooked fried egg would improve.

It’s Time to Start Fry-Baking Your Eggs [Bon Appetit]


  • This is fine if you’re working in a commercial kitchen preparing dozens (or hundreds) of eggs, but at home, just doing one or two at a time, I’m not going to spend 20 minutes pre-heating an oven to 175C just to cook an egg for one minute.

    • Agreed! Another good option is once the white is half cooked, I put a splash of water in the pan near the side (away from the egg) and cover the pan. the steam helps cook the whites pretty well but still leaves a running yolk.

      Will definitely try the oven trick when a few people are round though.

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