Did You Install The iOS 10 Or Sierra Betas?

Did You Install the iOS 10 or Sierra Betas?

It's been a week since the iOS 10 and macOS Sierra public betas launched, and we're curious, did you install them? If so, how's the experience been?

Generally speaking, we don't recommend installing betas on your primary device, but that doesn't mean plenty of you haven't done it anyway. Have you noticed any issues? Found any apps that don't work? Seen a drop in battery life? Let us know!


    iOS 10 Beta 1, was utter rubbish, 8/10 Apps wouldnt work. Beta 2, 10/10 Apps worked, Doesnt reboot every everyday. Battery Life has improved.

      That's actually pretty good feedback for a beta :)

    I have had a couple of issues with apps not working fully while using BT connected to my car, but as mentioned above, battery life is substantially better, so a definite improvement with minot bugs to be sorted.

    I had a pretty decent experience in b1 - Facebook and battery life were the main issues then some minor UI quirks.

    In b2 Facebook still crashes just not as frequently. They just updated Facebook Messenger to fix a beta bug so I would guess something similar is incoming for the main Facebook app too. Battery life is much improved thankfully.

    I found b2 stable enough that it's now on my primary device

    I installed the dev beta and Beta one was a little sluggish but surprisingly solid. Beta 2 is a major improvement though, much more stable and smoother. Only crashed about 2-3 times. I'm very impressed.

    downloaded ios 10 beta, pokemon go wouldnt work properly so switched back even though everything else worked great

    iOS public beta works mostly, a few little quirks and a bit slow on some things. Only major app issue I have had is I cannot use AR mode in Pokemon Go.

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