Dealhacker: Get A Mini Deep-Fryer From Aldi For $20

Dealhacker: Get A Mini Deep-Fryer From Aldi For $20

If you’ve got time to swing by your local Aldi today, the supermarket has a deal on 1.5-litre Ambiano fryers that’s worth checking out. For one day only, you can snap them for just $19.99. Provided it doesn’t burn your house down, that’s a pretty great bargain.

Aldi is selling the Ambiano fryers in a range of three colours although stocks are quite limited so you might have to make do with whatever’s left. As you’d expect, the model is pretty basic: it comes with adjustable temperature control (150°C to 190°C) and a removable, washable aluminum filter.

Other features include a detachable lid with viewing window, in-built overheating protection and cool-touch handles. It has a hot chip capacity of 400-450g which it can cook in around 10 minutes.

While it probably isn’t suited to large families (unless you don’t mind the prospect of frying in batches), it will suit couples and people who live alone. The small footprint also means it should fit into the tiniest of kitchens without any problems.

Of course, there’s always a potential risk to safety when it comes to el cheapo electronics that use boiling oil. You might want to check out some online reviews before purchasing but as far as we can see it seems to to its job reliably and well.

[Via Aldi]


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