Can You Make Cheap Vodka Taste Better By Filtering It?

Video: What a simple pleasure it is to have a drink at the end of the week while the stress of work recedes like the tide. But alcohol — especially good liquor — is expensive. Some claim there are simple tricks that can elevate cheap booze to the top of the shelf, so today we're testing a few ways to improve mediocre liquor. It's commonly said that running cheap vodka repeatedly through a water filter will make it less harsh to drink, so we poured our vodka four times through a Brita filter to see if it could lift our spirits. We also tried aerating budget wine in a blender and enhanced some middling whiskey with a few ingredients. And so we drink — so that you may benefit from our knowledge.


    Mythbusters busted this 10 years ago -
    Lifehacker had a go on this 8 years ago -

      Seems like a decent period of time to get it out again for the people who weren't following Lifehacker (or weren't of drinking age) 8 years ago! :)

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