Build Your Own LED Game System With An Genuino And A Picture Frame

You have all sorts of options to make little DIY game systems, but Mithotronic has a fun guide that shows you how to build a system that can play its own set of LED games. The little game system is powered by an Arduino Mega (Genuino outside the US), which pushes out the game image to a RGB LED Matrix that's housed inside of a picture frame from IKEA. Beyond those big components, you'll also need a bunch of buttons, cables and other connectors. Still, the end result is a very original little game system that has all sorts of free (not particularly original) games you can add to it. Being a cheap LED, the visual fidelity is low, but that doesn't mean they're not still fun to play. Head over to Mithotronic for the full build guide and list of games.

LEDmePlay [Mithotronic]


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