Briefly: YouTubers Exposed, Counting Votes And Health Without The Workout

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: popular YouTubers exposed for their part in a CS:GO gambling site, how you can be healthy if you hate working out and the current election count.

Photo: Kotaku Australia

  • CS:GO skin gambling is a popular pastime in the gaming world, but these two popular YouTubers have been exposed for their undisclosed part in one such site. Kotaku Australia has the scoop.
  • Do we have a government yet? No. No we don't. But Business Insider does have a handy infographic if you're wondering where the current count stands.
  • Do you have to go to the gym to be fit and healthy? Popsugar thinks not. Here are four easy things you can do to stay healthy even if you hate working out.
  • Anyone with a car made this decade is likely able to link their phone to it — and Gizmodo Australia has prophesised that this connection between phone and car is only going to strengthen. Check out the full story here.
  • EB Expo wants cosplayers to pay extra for facilities that most other conventions provide for free, and cosplayers aren't happy about it. Kotaku has the story.


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