Briefly: Phone Charging Hacks, Paranormal Australia, Toxic Overwatch

Blizzard Removing Overwatch Butt Pose After Fan ComplaintImage: Supplied

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Australia's most intriguing unexplained phenomena, how Blizzard is trying to fix Overwatch's toxicity problem, the richest people in 13 countries around the world.

  • As one of the remotest continents on the planet, Australia contains some pretty weird stuff. From South Australia’s unidentifiable Somerton Man to the foreboding Devil's Pool in Queensland, here are five of Australia’s strangest unexplained phenomena.
  • Many of us have an ingrained notion that charging our smartphones in small bursts will cause long-term damage to their batteries, and that it’s better to charge them when they’re close to dead. It turns out her may have been charging our smartphones wrong. Business Insider has the story.
  • When Overwatch first launched on PC and consoles, people were remarkably positive to one another in the spirit of having fun. Sadly, things have now taken a turn and Blizzard is taking the appropriate steps.
  • Here are the richest people in 13 countries around the world, courtesy of Business Insider.


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