Add Feta Cheese To Your Brine For Delicious, Juicy Chicken

Add Feta Cheese To Your Brine For Delicious, Juicy Chicken

Usually, I tend to favour a dry brine over a wet one, but I might switch sides for a bit to try the Kitchn’s feta cheese brine, which requires only two ingredients: Feta (duh) and water.

Photo by Rebecca Siegel.

To make this cheesy, salty solution, you’ll need 125g of feta and 1L of water for every kilogram of chicken. Blend the cheese and water together in a food processor (or you could use a stick blender) until smooth and pour into a resealable bag with your chicken parts of choice. Throw it in the fridge for a night, and cook your bird using whatever method you favour. (If you don’t have a preferred method, The Kitchn has you covered in the link below.)

Alternatively, if you buy feta that comes packed in brine, you can use the liquid in the exact same way, instead of (horrors) pouring it down the drain. Either way, the result will be tasty, moist chicken with a salty, tangy, complex flavour unlike anything you’ve had before.

You’ll Never Guess the Key Ingredient in This Chicken Brine [The Kitchn]

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