Would You Buy A Crowdfunded Condom?

Would You Buy A Crowdfunded Condom?

Calling itself the world’s first re-engineered condom, the LELO HEX is aiming to drive innovation in sexual health. The condom has a different structural design to the prophylactics you might be used to, and claims to make sex safer. So what exactly does it do differently?

The boffins behind the HEX realised that the latex that condoms are traditionally made of is not the problem – rather it’s the structure. The big drawback is that if the material chafes or rips, it then usually tears, and fails in a big way.

The HEX incorporates a hexagon web throughout the latex, which helps re-enforce it. The idea is that even if there is a hole, it’s contained to a single hexagon, rather than ripping the entire condom.

The structure also spreads the load better, which means that small holes won’t tear, and instead maintain a better seal.

The condom is also designed to stretch and move to ensure that it’s comfortable to use. It’s no thicker than a regular condom either, so the extra safety does not come at the cost of sensitivity.

The HEX is currently on Indiegogo, and has more than met it’s funding goal with around a month to go.

You can also pre-order the condom directly from the LELO website, with shipping starting in August.

The condom costs $15 (AUS) for a 12 pack, but that includes free shipping to Australia. That is for the pre-order only though, and is 40% of the regular price.

Sure, that is significantly more expensive than grabbing a pack from Coles, but the extra cost could be worthwhile.

Would you buy a crowdfunded condom? Tell us in the comments.

[LELO HEX via Tech Insider]


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