Why You Shouldn't Always Take The First Job You're Offered

When you're in between jobs, you probably want to get back to work as soon as possible. However, taking the first job offer you can get might not necessarily be a good strategy. Photo by US Department of Agriculture.

As advice site The Muse points out, there are a few pitfalls to automatically accepting the first job offer that comes your way. For starters, it can make it very easy to take advantage of you. If you never compare one company's offer with another, you'll never know how much you're really worth. You could also end up in a job you hate just because it was available at the time:

I learned very early in my career that saying "at least I'm getting a paycheck" is an excellent sign that you should start looking for a new job. And yet, even though I was in a position I didn't enjoy, I stayed for a few years. Why? Because I had moved out of my house to pursue a career I didn't love, and suddenly I had bills to pay. And because schlepping all my things back to my parents' house wasn't an option, those responsibilities weren't going away.

Obviously most companies will want an answer as soon as possible, but if you have time to consider an offer, take it. Once you have that job offer on the table, that means they want you. Ask them if you can have a few days to think over the specifics and take that time to compare your other options. Even if a job offer seems good in the moment, there's nothing wrong with a patient, thoughtful response.

3 Reasons Why "Take Whatever Job You Can Get" Is the Worst Advice Ever [The Muse]


    An article clearly written by someone who has never been out of a job for more than a couple months.

      Nor been on any form of social security where not taking a job offer will get your minimum-wage benefits cut off.

    OR you could take your first offer, and keep an ear out for other jobs.
    There's other research that says people already in jobs are far more successful in applications than someone out of work (who are seen as less desirable in most situations)

    Most people don't have great job markets where they will get offer after offer in order to compare.
    I'm in a niche industry and I've taken a job in the meantime to pay bills and survive, otherwise I'd be up to about 18months of unemployment / living with my parents

    You could also end up in a job you hate just because it was available at the time

    This is me.

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