Watch How ATM Skimming Devices Work

Most of us have heard about the existence of ATM skimming, a type of fraud that involves devices being installed onto cash machines to steal card numbers and pin codes. Financial institutions have issued repeated warnings about how criminals are known to use this method to steal money from bank account, but how many of us have seen these skimming devices in action? Here are a few videos that demonstrate how insert skimmers, which are thin and difficult to detect, actually work.

Woman drawing money out from ATM image from Shutterstock

Security blog Krebs On Security has been following the rise in these insert ATM skimmers and has recently gotten a hold of two videos, made by those who sell these illegal devices, that show them in action.

In the first video, you can see just how skinny the skimmer is and how easily it can be inserted to the card reader component of an ATM:

The second device show is just as easy for criminals to use:

You have to remember that the skimming device only allows criminals to reproduced a card but they still need a pin code to withdraw money from bank accounts. That’s where a false keypad or hidden camera comes in. Cameras are usually the preferred option because it’s the cheaper alternative.

So remember folks: always cover the keypad at the ATM when you’re entering your pin code.

Krebs On Security has done a great write up and analysis on these insert ATM skimming devices. Hit the link below to read his post on the topic.

[Via Krebs On Security]

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