Turn These IKEA Bed Slats Into Versatile Wall Storage

Turn These IKEA Bed Slats Into Versatile Wall Storage

Installing wall storage is useful, but hard to do without putting a ton of holes in your walls. Use IKEA's $US10 ($14) SULTAN LADE bed slat set to give you lots of wall storage options with only a few holes needed to install the whole thing.

Image from Kristina Steinmetz of Ich Designer.

If you have an old set of slats from a bed frame you're getting rid of, this is a great way to recycle it. Otherwise, $US10 ($14) isn't a lot to spend for the versatility you get here. You'll want to hang the slats against the wall from two hooks that can handle a reasonably heavy load (depending on what you want to hang from the slats).

Before hanging up the slats, you can customise it with paint, some extra hooks drilled into the slats, or even baskets attached for holding even more items. You can also hang blankets, clothes, and magazines directly over the slats. You can put this project anywhere you need extra storage, from your kitchen to bathroom to living room to your patio.

IKEA Hack - DIY Utensilo mit Lattenrost SULTAN LADE [Ich Designer]


    I love reading how the most unexpected items can be turned into pretty amazing storage solutions for the home. I mean, it's cheap and easily obtainable materials and without too much work, you'll really be able to get your home properly organized in a stylish way! Hope to keep finding more of such cool ideas here soon!

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