Trail Wallet For iPhone Helps You Stick To Your Travel Budget

iOS: Sticking to a travel budget isn't always easy. Souvenirs, good food and breathtaking sights are all tempting, and after all, you're on holiday, right? Trail Wallet can rein you in, and helps you track and stay within your trip budget. Set your budget in the app, including how much you'd like to spend each day. Then, enter your various expenses throughout the day (easy if you do it in the moment or at a dedicated time in the evening or morning,) and Trail Wallet tracks how much you've spent against your budget. Trail Wallet even lets you see which categories are pushing you over your budget so you can rein in your spending in those areas to make up for it the next few days.

Besides seeing how your spending matches up against your daily budget, you can also see what percentage of your trip budget you've spent. Trail Wallet allows you to add your own categories, so you could even divvy up budget by countries, and add currency so it can automatically convert expenses into your home currency. The basic app is free (up to 25 items per day). You can unlock more features through in-app purchases. Unlimited items per day is a one-time purchase of $7.99. Buying one of their three themes costs $1.49 each or $2.99 for all three.

Trail Wallet (Free) [iTunes App Store via Trail Wallet]


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