These Workouts Will Help You Stay Fit After The Apocalypse

"Unfortunately, when chaos erupts, you won't be able to access your local gym or counsel with a personal trainer," writes Jesse at Fallout Fitness. He's created a minimal-equipment routine that puts a post-apocalyptic spin on the always handy bodyweight workout.

The workouts include moves ranging from easy to hard and they're divided into a five-day split: one day each for chest, shoulders, back, legs and arms. There's also a cardio day, where you have options like jumping rope, or — if you had some forethought before the world started crumbling — hopping on your exercise bike.

(If the roads around you are clear, though, you could always venture out for a little Zombies Run.)

Check out the full workout, and print out a copy while you still have electricity, at the link below.

The Ultimate Post-Apocalyptic Daily Workout Routine [Fallout Fitness]


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