There's Another Telstra Outage In Victoria Right Now

For the fourth time in as many months, part of Telstra's network is down. This time it's enterprise and business customers in Victoria who are affected. Oh dear.

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According to the site AussieOutages, there have been significant connectivity issues in Victoria, specifically business and enterprise services. Customers in Sydney and Brisbane may also be experiencing issues.

Here's the confirmation tweet from Telstra:

The latest outage comes literally on the same day that Telstra announced a $250 million investment in network improvements to combat the recent spate of outages. We'll update the story when we receive more information.


    Our servers in Melbourne only came back online 30 minutes ago. 7 hours of outage for an enterprise business at the end of the financial year made today quite fun...

      An 'enterprise business' without backup and contingency? Inadequate planning on your part then.

        Internally we were fine. EDI functions went out the window though. On the plus side I finally got the backing I was after for migrating our B2B to the cloud...

    The question I have to ask is.... Why did Giz and LifeHacker take nearly 4.5 hours to even write that this was an issue. Most people knew about it well before

    I predict a mass migration a la vodafone is in Telstra's near future.

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