Prezi Business Is An Online Presentation Maker With Productivity Tools

Prezi is a platform that allows the people to make visual presentations online that they can then share with other people. It's an alternative to Microsoft's PowerPoint and is popular with students and professionals. Now the company has introduced Prezi Business which adds productivity, collaboration and analytics tools in a bid to woo business users. Here are the details.

Love them or hate them, presentations with slides are a core part of communication for most businesses; internally and externally. So much so that presentation software has become a big business in itself and one of the competitors in this space is Prezi.

The online presentation platform already has 75 million users worldwide but that still pales in comparison to Microsoft PowerPoint. Considering businesses are heavy users of visual presentations, it only seems logical that Prezi is looking to attract more professional users. To do so, it needs to differentiate itself from PowerPoint with tools that would be useful for this particular market.

That's where Prezi Business comes in. This new offering combines Prezi's presentations with business-focused productivity tools for collaboration, analysing audience engagement, integration with Slack and remote presenting.

Mind you, recent iterations of PowerPoint already support group collaboration that allows for co-editing presentations with team members but Prezi Analytics is something that stands out. It offers real-time analytics to let presenters gauge audience interest during the course of a presentation. That way they can determine which topics resonated with the viewers which can help them improve future presentations.

You can find out more about Prezi Business over at the official website.


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