PornHub Now Has Descriptive Audio For Blind Users

PornHub Now Has Descriptive Audio For Blind Users

In a rather inclusive move, the pornography company has made video content appealing to an even larger audience. The new feature describes aspects of the video, such as what actors are doing, what they are wearing and more. It’s not just one segment of videos either – Pornhub is catering to straight, gay and bi users with vision impairment. Or just anyone who wants to listen to porn, rather than watch it.

The video descriptions are put together by a PornHub team, so doesn’t actually cover every single video.

Instead, they target the most popular content – starting off with 50 enhanced videos.

The original video remains on the clips, just at a lower level in the background.

That said, the company is also encouraging community support, and asking users who upload videos of themselves to include descriptions.

Want a taste of how it works? Check out the video below. And don’t worry, it’s doesn’t include anything too graphic. But maybe don’t watch it at work.

Pornhub is not new to leveraging tech to improve the user experience. Earlier in the year the company sent out free VR headsets to 10,000 viewers who wanted to try VR porn.

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