OnePlus 3 Goes On Sale June 15, No Invitation Required

OnePlus has been widely praised for their economical Android phones that don't skimp on quality, but they have been hindered by their peculiar invite system that made them difficult to purchase. That's about to change with their latest release on June 15. Their new phone, the OnePlus 3, is set to go on sale on June 15, no invitation required. But there is a catch — OnePlus will be holding a "VR shopping experience" called the Loop at 2:30am AEST on June 15, where the phone will be exclusively available. Otherwise if you're not down to clown in VR, the phones go for sale at 5:00am AEST on the same day while supplies last. So if you're eager to buy their latest release, you better get ready to dabble in VR.

The virtual reality experience requires an app, which will be available here in the Play Store. (Presumably it's designed for Google Cardboard or similar viewers.) Details on the new phone itself are scarce, but OnePlus CEO Carl Pei tells Wired it will cost around $US300 ($413) and if you miss the first batch, the next orders will be filled two to three weeks after launch.

Let's Talk About Invites [OnePlus via Wired]


    What's the updated release date for this phone? It's nearly July, folks.

      Yeah can't seem to find a place anywhere that will ship to Aus without a lot of fluffing around with US based forwarders ,etc (aus post even has one) but doesn't seem worth the trouble :(

    perfect_mission @ Ebay, worth a look

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