Microsoft Releases Protocol To Standardise Code Editing Experience For All Programming Languages

Microsoft has unveiled its open source Language Server Protocol which aims to give a consistent experience for developers that edit their code in Visual Studio Code, regardless of what programming language they use. Here's what you need to know.

Most programming languages are usually optimised for one tool. While one code editor can support multiple languages, it may not provide the best experience for all of them. Microsoft wants to change that with its Language Server Protocol.

At the DevNation Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft spoke about the JSON-based protocol that developers can use to add support for a new programming language to Visual Studio Code by putting in place a "language server". This server will have a rich understanding of the new programming language. The protocol bridges the communication between Visual Studio code and all the different language servers, allowing the code editor to interact with multiple servers.

"For language creators, this means an enhanced tooling experience for their language across a variety of development tools and operating systems, similar to the experience that TypeScript developers or C# developers (via OmniSharp) get today. It also means any developer can have a consistent editing experience for their favourite programming language on any tool — even if that tool isn’t VS Code."

The protocol has been picked up by tool creators and language providers along with big names like Red Hat.

You can find a detailed rundown of the technical aspects of the Language Server Protocol over on its GitHub page.

Visual Studio Code free to download here.


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