Lifehacker Australia Podcast: Medicinal Cannabis Advocate Dr Stuart Washer

Static is back for a third season! In episode one we share our favourite tech pranks, ask can a relationship survive different videogame preferences, vent about annoying Facebook groups and we answer your question about cross-platform gaming.

Plus we interview Bioscientist and Medicinal Cannabis Advocate Dr Stuart Washer.

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In this episode of Static, host Rae Johnston is joined by Gizmodo Australia's Hayley Williams, Lifehacker Australia's Spandas Lui and Alex Walker from Kotaku Australia.

As always, a big thanks to The X Studio.

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    Dr Stuart Washer said that opposition to medicinal cannabis was a 'knee jerk response', which is an ad hominem attack on those who don't hold his position. What an a***hole. He's basically saying 'all right thinking people agree with me'. If that the extent of his knowledge of the relevant arguments, he's not much of an advocate at all. I'd suggest he have a better answer to that question next time.

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