June’s Money Challenge: Haggle Everything

June’s Money Challenge: Haggle Everything

So far this year, we’ve challenged you to cut your bills, curb impulsive spending and even save for retirement. This month, it’s time to hone your haggling skills.

Haggling is difficult for a lot of us, but it’s a skill that pays off immensely over time. You can save on furniture, appliances, vehicles, even your monthly rent. Throughout the month of June, we challenge you to ask for a better price when it’s worth it.

Here are a few posts to help you get started:

One of my favourite simple haggling tips: don’t make it easy to say “no”. In other words, don’t ask questions like, “are you sure?” or “can you offer a better price?” because those questions make it really easy for the other person to shut down the conversation with a resounding “NOPE”. Instead, ask questions like, “what can you offer?” It’s a simple tip, but simple tips can be really effective for novice hagglers.

So let’s hear it: who’s in this month? If you’re up for the challenge, let us know below and tell us what you plan to haggle.


    • People have been haggling since the dawn of time. It is a skill and an art to get right where both parties are happy without anyone being offended. In many places around the world haggling is expected and if you don’t haggle you’d be seen as a fool.

  • Yes, being frugal is a great thing, but I’m not so sure about a shotgun approach to haggling. We’re not in Asia or in an a Middle Eastern souq where it’s the norm. Haggling in Australia can be counter-cultural and really rub people up the wrong way. Sure, some places almost expect you to haggle and will drop the price in a heartbeat (Harvey Norman) but I’d counsel caution. Pick your time and your place.

  • Be wary of annual increases in insurance premium and renewal of gas and electricity contracts.
    You need to talk to insurance people when they boost your premium by 18% – after looking at alternative offers online.
    With energy companies they may offer you a new contract at higher costs without mentioning that if you phone them you may be able to happily continue on your existing rates. Otherwise you look for a cheaper supplier.

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