Install Android TV On A Raspberry Pi And Sideload Apps

Install Android TV On A Raspberry Pi And Sideload Apps

If you don’t mind dealing with a bit of instability, you can now install an unofficial version of Android TV on a Raspberry Pi 3.

This is still a super early build, so you won’t have access to the Google Play Store, but you can sideload apps. The performance of those apps isn’t consistent, but a number of them seem to do well.

For example, Kodi, as well as a number of game emulators, don’t appear to have any major issues. This is still very much an early build and not a complete operating system by any means, but if you don’t mind messing around with concepts, Android TV is worth a crack. The video above walks you through the full installation process.

Android TV for Raspberry Pi 3 [YouTube How to Install Android TV on Raspberry Pi 3 and Sideload App [YouTube]


  • This is so exciting, at present it’s not great though. When it works properly (able to use play store ,etc..and less crashing) then it’s going to be awesome but until then if you really need to run android there are plenty of other boards that can run android out of the box. eg an orange pi or something?
    The reason (for me anyway) that putting android on one of these DIY boards is that currently android would be the only way to use streaming services like netflix. it’s because of the DRM netflix uses, and no you can’t just use a browser in raspbian. It’s not just netflix though, others like stan i think it was? uses silverlight and using a microsoft made browser addon under debian is troublesome to say the least (if you can even get it working…. i was able to get silverlight vids to run in the browser but any streaming site was a no deal

    • I use a Raspberry Pi 3 (OpenELEC) for all local content, and a chromecast for Netflix. It’s easier to change the source on the TV than switch apps on the Raspberry Pi.

      • agreed! right now that is definitely the best option! a chromecast or roku ,etc. That’s why i posted! All i want is a micro PC DIY board like a pi that can do it all! currently it’s not possible 🙁

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