How To Get Sleep At Multi-Day Music Festivals [Infographic]

How To Get Sleep At Multi-Day Music Festivals [Infographic]

Nobody expects to get a full night’s sleep at music festivals — they’re noisy, crowded and way too much fun. However, getting zero shuteye can swiftly lead to headaches and exhaustion which translates to a thoroughly horrible time. This infographic from SleepyPeople lists 10 “sleep hacks” specifically designed for festival goers.

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Okay, so some of these tips might not suit your plans or lifestyle — we can’t imagine many festival goers will want to abstain from drinking alcohol, for example. Nevertheless, there’s still some solid advice here, ranging from the obvious (dance to wear yourself out) to the inspired (bring an eye mask to block out all the floodlights.) You can find the full list of tips below:

[Via Sleepy People]


  • Alternatively, do the exact opposite of point 2, and make sure you pass out under cover – It’s very easy to wake up with nasty sunburn if you’re relying on the shade of a tree.

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