How Do You Use Your Phone's Voice Assistant?

How Do You Use Your Phone's Voice Assistant?

Voice assistants are all the rage, but while Siri, Google Now, and Cortana are all super neat, when it comes to using them people seem mixed. So, we want to know, how to use your phone voice assistant?

Personally, my number one usage of Siri is to set timers while cooking, which isn't particular exciting. How do you use your phone's assistant? Do you use it public, or only in the privacy of your home?


    really the only time is when I can't spell a word i'm trying to type >

    In the car. Making calls, navigation, playing certain playlists, etc

    * Makes hands-free so much easier in the car for calls and directions
    * Making lists when I'm out (mainly shopping lists)
    * Checking what the time is in overseas countries so I don't wake travelling friends/relations at inappropriate times
    * Getting answers to disputed topics over coffee with friends (it beats my single finger typing hands down)

    Use it in public? Yes, but only if those within earshot are friends. Wouldn't dream of doing it on a bus, etc.

    first thing i turn off

    Every morning before I open my eyes.
    "Hey Siri, what time is it"
    "Hey Siri, what's the weather like today"
    "Cold and raining"

    Then I open my eyes, have a little cry about having to get out of my super warm comfy Bed and start my day.

    I also use to set timers for cooking. There is just something cool about saying set timer for XX minutes.......I can't explain it.

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    I also use it for conversions while cooking - pounds, ounces, Fahrenheit etc.

    Mostly just in the car when being hands-free is essential.

    On my motorbike to read and reply to texts, and to play/skip music

    "Set timer for xx minutes" - that's about all I can't find useful and not annoying!

    Mostly used in the car. I Google with IVONA Text-to-Speech to call people, play music, check and send messages, leave notes or reminders for myself,......

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